Escape Room Resource

An escape room style resource, created by Padlox Escape Rooms. Pupils must solve book-related puzzles to find the hidden quill. The resource will test their book knowledge, and encourage them to work collaboratively to solve the 10 brain-teasing puzzles.  

Padlox Escape Rooms bring escape rooms to schools, offering a curriculum-focussed half day experience for groups of 30 pupils called “Escape The Classroom!”

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Make a Hat Inspired by a Book

If you’re attending a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, make sure you wear a special hat for the occasion. This template will help you make a simple hat, which you can then decorate with drawings of characters from your favourite books, quotes that you like and much more!

This template is perfect to use with your Party Pack or if you're attending our Celebration Event in June 2019.

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Build a Story at the Museum (Gaelic)

Museums are a great place to uncover stories – they’re hiding everywhere amongst the fascinating objects. 

Take this sheet along to a museum near you to help you build a story!

This resource is in Gaelic, so it is perfect for pupils in Gaelic Medium Education.

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10 Things to Do With Any Book (Secondary)

This resource by Rachel Latimer, English teacher at Portobello High School, will provide great activity ideas that will help your pupils to enjoy the books they are reading and gain a deeper understanding of the text. 

You can pick and choose which activities suit you and your pupils best, or use the resource in its entirety.

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10 Things to Do With Any Book (Primary)

This resource is full of activity ideas to use with just about any fiction text in a primary setting. The activities will help your pupils get to grips with concepts such as plot, character and setting, and also provide opportunities for them to share their opinions about what they've read.

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10 Things To Do With Any Book (ASN)

This resource is aimed at children with additional support needs who want to have fun with books. By adding interesting playful activities and sensory elements to reading aloud, we can help children engage with and understand stories. Activities include:

  • Create a sensory story
  • Story dress-up
  • Story pass the parcel
  • Make a game out of the book
  • Sound effect story
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