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First Minister's Reading Challenge

Primary schools, secondary schools, community groups and libraries can now register to take part!

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What is the First Minister's Reading Challenge?

We challenge you to build a reading culture and to help children and young people discover the power of reading. If you work with young people aged 5-18, the First Minister's Reading Challenge is open for you.

Primary school pupils
Primary schools

Bring reading to life for your school with our resources, reading passports and book suggestions!

Secondary school pupils
Secondary schools

Put a focus on reading for pleasure in a way that suits your school, whether it's a whole school approach or a book group


We want to help you showcase the work you're doing to help children and young people discover the joy of reading

Community group
Community groups

If you work with children or young people outwith a school or library setting, help them discover the power of reading for pleasure

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Resources and inspiration

We have lots of resources available to help you on your reading journey, from guides to taking part and lesson plans to quizzes and games!

Case studies and inspiration

Our blog is full of ideas about building a reading culture and encouraging young people to read for pleasure, with case studies from participants, book suggestions and more!

Pupils at Trinity
Challenging Pupils with a Whole-School Novel
21 January 2019

At Trinity High School, we are passionate about improving the literacy of our pupils and nurturing a genuine enthusiasm for reading.

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Pupils from Renfrew High
Inside our Secondary Case Studies
7 January 2019

Last year, we piloted the First Minister’s Reading Challenge with six secondary schools to learn how the challenge could work in a secondary context: what barriers existed to creating a reading culture and how the Reading Challenge could help schools overcome t

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