Community Fund

The Community Fund is available to help community groups inspire the children and young people they work with to read for pleasure.

Community groups can apply to receive a grant of £500 to create a project of their choice that includes an author visit (including travel), reading materials and resources for children taking part.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Community Fund events can be held either in person or online. We have drafted additional terms and conditions to cover online events below - please read these if you are considering holding your event online.

Key Dates

  1. Deadline for applications: noon on Thursday 18 November 2021
  2. Notification of outcome: January 2022
  3. Author visits: January - June 2022

Applications submitted after the deadline cannot be accepted.

Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you have read and understood these terms and conditions before making your application.

  • Applications must be made by a community group leader or staff member.
  • Groups applying to the Community Fund must have registered for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge on the website but are not required to enter any specific challenge.
  • Funding must be spent on events and materials for children and young people aged 5-18. Others may be involved but the focus of the grant has to be on the children and young people.
  • Community Fund grants are to be used in the academic year in which they are awarded, before the end of June 2022.
  • Community Fund grants (£500) must be used to pay for a visit from an author, their travel expenses and reading materials/resources for the children taking part in the event. Further details will be provided to successful applicants, but key terms and conditions are:
    • There is a standard author fee of £175 for a 1 hour visit and this is non-negotiable. This amount must be paid directly to an author delivering a visit and community groups are responsible for contacting authors, arranging visits and ensuring timely payment. The author chosen must be listed on the Live Literature Author Directory.
    • The author’s travel expenses must also be paid as well as sustenance where agreed. A Community Fund grant allows groups to pay author travel expenses up to a total of £50. If travel expenses are likely to be greater and you cannot pay these from group funds, you must apply to Scottish Book Trust for extra funding before you book the visit.
    • The remainder of the grant must be used to purchase books and other reading materials to support the event.
  • There must be a designated Project Coordinator who is the main organiser of the project. Project Coordinators should be community groups leaders or staff members, and are the main point of contact for Scottish Book Trust and are responsible for ensuring all other Terms and Conditions of are met.
  • Some authors have disclosures but they do not need to have one to be on the Author Directory or to carry out events. It is the Project Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that the session is supervised at all times by someone appropriately qualified to do so. It is not part of an author’s fee to maintain discipline during the session – there should always be enough staff present. Authors should not be left alone with children.
  • Feedback must be given after the event to describe how the grant was used and the impact it had.

If you have any questions about the terms & conditions or the application and shortlisting process, please email:

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