FMRC book
Website Problems: How to submit your entry
30 April 2019

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing problems with the submissions function on the website. Please see this blog for details of how to submit your entry.

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Party Pack Unboxing
See Inside the Party Packs!
9 April 2019

If you submit to the Reading Challenge, you will receive a Party Pack - what's inside?

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Musselburgh Guides
Community Reading Journeys
8 April 2019

Community groups of all shapes and sizes have been taking up the Reading Challenge this year. We've spoken to a few groups about how they are incorporating reading for pleasure in their work.

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Pupil at Sgoil Stafainn
A Gaelic Reading Journey at Sgoil Stafainn and Sgoil nan Loch
1 April 2019

Gaelic can play an important part in your reading journey. Staff at Sgoil Stafainn and Sgoil nan Loch share how they are encouraging reading for pleasure in the context of Gaelic Medium Education.

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