Four Ways to Enter the Pupil Reading Journey Challenge

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If you’ve taken part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge as a primary school this year, we hope that your pupils have been on an exciting reading journey!

We created the Pupil Reading Journey Challenge to recognise the different ways that children can be impacted by the books they read. Whether you’ve got a reluctant reader who has discovered some amazing comic books; a keen reader who has been inspired to share their love of reading with younger pupils; or a whole class who have been inspired by an author visit, this is the challenge for you!

This challenge can be very quick and easy to enter. If you share the journeys your pupils have been on with us you'll get your own Reading Challenge Party Pack, plus the chance to win books for your school. 

There are four ways you can enter the challenge. 

Pupil response to a book with teacher comment Drawing from pupil

Send us a pupil's response to a book, such as drawing, book review or a piece of written work, along with a comment from you to provide context. Think about what we should know about the pupil to help us understand the impact this book has had on them.

Pupil’s interpretation of their own reading journey

If you have an individual pupil who has been on a reading journey this year, encourage them to tell us all about it! We want to hear about their journey  in whatever way works for them, whether that’s a short video, a poster about the different books they have read this year or even a comic strip in which they are the leading character. To help them get started, you could ask how they felt about reading now compared to at the beginning of the year.

Photo book with quotes

Collect photos of what your school has done to encourage reading this year, and create a digital photo album using a Word document or a Powerpoing presentation. You could ask your class to write captions to explain what is happening or how they felt at different stages of the project. 

Class video

Creating a video as a class can be a really fun group activity, giving pupils the opportunity to learn how to use a camera, practise interviewing their peers and talk about their experience. Your video doesn’t need to be long, and you can include any photos you have taken throughout the year. Check out this example from last year for inspiration!

For tips on creating a video, see our resource, created with Into Film Scotland.

We hope this blog has helped inspire you to submit an entry for the Pupil Reading Journey! Remember, entries to this challenge can be from an individual pupil, group or class, as long as they are pupil-led.

The deadline for entries is 5pm on Wednesday 1 May. If you have any questions please email

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