Reading with Luke: My Journey so Far


I LOVE READING! When my school told me about the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, I couldn’t wait to start!

Setting myself challenges

During the challenge, my first personal target was to read 100 pages in a day. I chose National Geographic’s Weird but True. It cost 10p at my school’s autumn fayre.

Next, I challenged myself to read a Harry Potter book even though I didn’t like the look of it. I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and I LOVED IT! I then set myself the goal of reading all the Potter books. It took 3 weeks to finish The Order of the Phoenix! My favourite book ever is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I want to read all the Harry Potter books again because when I’m reading them no other world exists.

I borrowed cookery books from Largs Library to make tacos and pizza. DEEEEEEEELICIOUS! I made ice cream after reading Get Cooking by Carrie Love. My first attempt was disgusting because I accidentally got salt in the mixture!

I also enjoyed Love from Paddington by Michael Bond - it made me think I might like marmalade. I DID NOT!

By the end of the challenge I had achieved my goal of reading 100 books – I managed to read 101 in total!

I couldn’t believe it when I won the P4 Pupil Reading Journey award. I went to the prize ceremony at The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh and met the First Minister. I was so nervous – but it was amazing!

Continuing my reading journey in P5

When I had a sleepover at my big cousin Lewis’ house, he told me he wanted to be a pilot. It sounded amazing and I thought I would like to be one too. In September I went to the Air Show at Ayr with my mum and dad. It was AWESOME!

When the First Minister’s Reading Challenge started up again, I decided I wanted my P5 reading journey to be learning about the RAF, aircraft and other countries.

I did all of my reading for the challenge in Largs, but I felt like I was flying round the world because I read stories set in lots of countries. In England I met Jack Stalwart in The Caper of the Crown Jewels. I got a taste of Italy in Peril at the Grand Prix where I discovered although spelt prix it is pronounced pree! The Deadly Race to Space: Russia was my favourite book of the challenge this year. I also read Paw Prints in the Snow by Sally Grindley, which was about tigers in Russia.

I liked The Explorer by Katherine Rundell which is set in the Amazon rainforest. I thought the story was amazing but they talk too much about blood and maggots! I also found out all about the Great Barrier Reef by reading Jack Stalwart and the Sunken Treasure: Australia. This was one of my favourite books because it had a Komodo Dragon called Woody. I love Komodo Dragons!

I even challenged myself to learn some Chinese words, but this was easier said than done. I read Usborne’s Listen and Learn First Chinese Words. I wanted to learn them all but they are hard to remember – the only ones I can remember are for rabbit, cake, tree, apple, salad and chocolate. It is a good job pilots around the world have to speak in English, but I still want to learn some other languages.

I couldn’t believe it when The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, sent me a letter saying the awards panel was impressed with my P5 reading journey and had suggested a special award and that she was making me a Special Reading Ambassador! Look for another blog soon to find out what’s next on my reading journey.

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