What Children across Scotland Love about Reading

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked schools and families across Scotland to tell us what they love about books and reading in our Twitter competition. The response was amazing!

We received fantastic videos, photos of beautiful posters and displays and thought-provoking quotes from children, with everyone telling us in their own way how much they love reading and why it is so special to them. The children’s responses were so encouraging that we simply couldn’t keep them to ourselves, so here are some of our favourite reasons that Scotland’s children love books!

Adventure and Imagination

Isla at Simpson Primary in Bathgate said “What I love about reading is all of the imagination that is in the book…Books are AMAZING!”

A pupil at St Francis Xavier’s Primary in Falkirk said “I love the fact that books are an adventure without even standing up and going anywhere.”

A pupil at Caol Primary in the Highlands said “I love books because it lets you open up your imagination.”

Another pupil at Caol Primary said “I like reading books because they encourage you to do more.”


P3c Simpson

Pupils at Sgoil Stafainn in the Highlands say that books are funny and you learn a lot!

A pupil at Caol Primary said “I love non-fiction books because they help me learn about new things.”

A pupil at St Francis Xavier Primary said “In non-fiction books I like that I learn about new stuff and facts.”


Erin loves “cuddling up into a corner, relaxing and letting her book cuddle her!”

Alyx from Letham Primary in Livingston loves “getting to read fun stories and cuddling with mummy or daddy at bedtime.”

A pupil at St Francis Xavier Primary said “I love reading because it helps me relax and it gives me good words in my head sometimes and it helps me focus on what’s happening.”


Primary 4C at Deanburn Primary School in Bo’ness love reading because it gets them lost in another world.

Chester says he can “disappear into his own wee world and shut off from everything. He feels like he’s living in the book.”

Lewis says he loves reading because “it’s fun and takes me into another dimension.”

A pupil at Simpson Primary said “I like books because it’s like you’re in a different world and you experience someone else’s life and you can block out everything that happens in your own life and it’s like you’re in a fantasy.”

Thanks to all of the teachers and parents for entering our competition, and to the children for their lovely responses. To hear even more responses, you can watch these excellent videos submitted by Caol Primary and St Francis Xavier's Primary.

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter @FMReadChallenge – it’s a great way to keep up to date with competitions and good practice examples from other schools, and an easy way to let us know how your school are approaching the First Minister’s Reading Challenge! 

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