Creating an Adventure Story with Inspiring Classrooms

Tayview Primary School

Our second round of Inspiring Classrooms funding is currently open for applications, but if you’ve still to apply, make sure you get your application in by the deadline on Friday 16 February! To show the huge buzz around reading that this funding can create (even before the author visit takes place), we’ve spoken to Tayview Primary School as they get ready to host their author.

Tayview Primary School

Tayview Primary School in Dundee received Inspiring Classrooms funding for an author to visit their primary 6 pupils and inspire them to create a choose-your-own-adventure story for the other pupils in the school. They’re currently at the planning stages, but the anticipation for their author visit has captured teachers and pupils alike with everyone eager to begin this writing adventure!

Jo Rose, P6 Class Teacher said:

“The theme we’ve chosen for our Inspiring Classrooms project is ‘Adventure’. As a child, I remember reading adventure stories; my heart pounding, eyes racing through the story, barely able to turn the pages fast enough. I remember going to sleep and dreaming of mysterious castles, or smugglers or pirates or midnight trips to dangerous places. I remember sitting in school and daydreaming about what I would do were I to face these foes.

This is the experience we want to share with the children in our school. We want them to fly with dragons, to fight with ninjas and to defeat monsters through the books they read, and then we want them to be able to take the empathy and understanding they have gained from these experiences and use it to make better decisions in the everyday world of the playground and the classroom.

To that end, we’re hoping to work with an author and two P6 classes to create an adventure story for their peers to dive into. We’ll be asking them to create a world for their peers to venture into and problems for them to face. Each time the protagonist of their story faces a challenge, we’ll get the group reading the adventure to choose from a list of choices, each one taking them on to a different part of the story. We want them to think about how and why we make the choices that we make – both the little choices that shape our daily lives and the big choices that shape who we are.”

The Primary 6 pupils are looking forward to the challenge of creating their own book and working with an author to make it happen:

“Working with an author to make our adventure will be literally heaven. They can help us with ideas and tell us how they actually write their books.” Lucy

“It’s going to be a challenge to plan it all out, but I’m really looking forward to it. We could write choices which will make the characters go into a dead end, and then they’ll have to go back and work out what different choices they should have made and how they can do it differently.” Zak

“I’m excited about how we can have the power to take people on an adventure. I like how we can link our stories to real life to make them feel more realistic and to help the other classes to get excited about going on our adventures.” Eve

To help you build and sustain a reading culture in your school, make sure you apply for Inspiring Classrooms funding by Friday 16 February 2018! Follow this link to find out more details on how to apply and download an application form. If you have any queries about Inspiring Classrooms, please email 

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