Ancrum Road Celebrate the Magic of Reading

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Elaine Hallyburton, Senior Library and Information Officer (School Library Service) and Moira Foster, Education Support Officer, discuss how Anrum Road Primary have linked up with their local community to celebrate the magic of reading.

Ancrum Rd

We were delighted to be invited along to a Magic of Reading event at Ancrum Road Primary School in Dundee. It was fantastic to see how Mrs McQuillan, the head teacher, has strengthened partnerships within the community and involved families in the development of their shool's reading culture for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge. The evening was a huge success and had a fantastic attendance (over 70 pupils and adults joined in)!

AncrumRd Event


The event began with Mrs McQuillan giving a passionate and inspiring talk about why she wanted her pupils to share her love of reading. Then it was our turn to chip in with our tuppence worth… Prior to the evening, we had practised what we were going to say quite a few times but each time it came out differently; so we really didn't know exactly how our talk would pan out! In the end it was more of a blether and the introduction of a microphone removed any pretense at professionalism! The audience were absolutely lovely and after our bit, all the families were encouraged to select a book to take home and read together. 

Some budding film-makers from P7 managed the Vox Pops, where adults and children were filmed talking about their book choices. Further films will be recorded after they have read them so we will be able to find out if they were a hit or a miss! Getting people talking about books and encouraging role-modelling can go a long way to embedding a reading culture and inspire a long-lasting love for reading.

It was an absolute pleasure to witness the enthusiasm from pupils and families alike and to be included in such a nicely organised event. The atmosphere was warm and friendly with lots of smiling faces - well done Ancrum Road!

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