Six Funny Books Chosen by Pamela Butchart

Pamela Butchart

I LOVE funny books. I particularly like funny mysteries and investigations.

Top 6 books I enjoy sharing with children the most:

Millions - Frank Cotrell Boyce

Brothers Damian and Anthony find a huge bag of money in a train-robbery-gone-wrong and only have a few days to spend it before it becomes worthless. This is one of my all-time favourite books! It has two of the best characters I've ever read, it's funny and has a brilliant storyline.

The Hamster Massacre - Katie Davies

This is a hilarious story about 9 year old Anna and her little brother Tom who launch a full-blown investigation into the death of two Russian Dwarf hamsters. This book made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions! The other titles in this series are just as good.

The Pasta Detectives - Andreas Steinhafel

Translated from German, this is a quirky, mystery-adventure story about two very lovable misfits called Rico and Oskar.

The story gripped me so much that I could NOT stop reading once I'd started. I read this book outside during a monsoon in Mexico. That's how good it is.

Mr Gum - Andy Stanton

This book is completely bonkers! I've never read anything quite like it. I very much enjoy all things quirky and Mr Gum is DEFINITELY quirky!

Donut Diaries - Anthony McGowan

This is a truly laugh-out-loud book! Poor Dermot is obsessed with donuts and his mum is making him visit a nutritionist and keep a diary about how many donuts he eats and his FEELINGS. Every character in this book is hilarious!

Diary of a Killer Cat - Anne Fine

The Killer Cat is a funny story about a mouse-and-bird-obsessed cat who doesn't understand why his owners have such a problem with him hunting. The story is told from the Killer Cat's point of view (which is completely hilarious!).

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