Making the most of your library

Making the most of your library

There are more than 500 libraries across the country with a brilliant selection of reading materials for children, staffed by enthusiastic booklovers who would be happy to help your child choose. The 300 books suggested in our book list are just the first page in the world of writing for children.

Libraries offer a great range of reading materials whatever a child’s interests or reading ability. Every year, children in Scotland borrow over 6 million books from public libraries, including fiction, poetry, history, non-fiction, sports books, graphic novels, comics, audio books, apps and much more besides – we can help your child broaden their horizons.

Evidence shows that children who use their library and read regularly are more confident, develop strong language and literacy skills, have good concentration, develop empathy and achieve better attainment levels at school than those who have not developed a reading habit. Public libraries give every child equal access to a breadth of reading materials as they grow.

Libraries as a Wonderful Reading Challenge Resource

The First Minister’s Reading Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for public libraries to work with their local schools to encourage children in P4–7 to use their imagination, discover and explore a world of books and stories.

As part of the Challenge, librarians and teachers will be working together to encourage children to read widely and explore the world of books on their doorstep.

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