10 Gaelic Books to start your Reading Journey!

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Rosemary Ward is the Director of The Gaelic Books Council.  Rosemary has put together a list of Gaelic titles that are perfect for kickstarting your reading journey!

Tha Rosemary Ward na Cheannard air Comhairle nan Leabhraichean. Tha Rosemary air liosta de leabhraichean Gàidhlig a fhreagradh fìor mhath air do shlighe leughaidh a chuir ri chèile!

A’ Challaig Seo, Chall O by Martin MacIntyre  (Acair/Stòrlann)

Suitable for the family and friends category – covers bereavement and bullying

Fo Bhruid by Torcuil Chrichton (Stòrlann)

Modern adaptation / interpretation of RLS’s Kidnapped

Uirsgeul Uilleam Dhona by John Lorne Campbell (Grace Note Publications)

Folklore – short stories suitable for upper stages

Nas Gile na Sneachd by Christine Stone (Clàr)

Suitable for family / relationships category

Daonnan ann an Trioblaid by Lisa Storey (Leabhraichean Beaga)

Friends / family lighthearted tale of a boy always in trouble!

Cuir Stad air an Stoirm Sneachda by Leslie MacKenzie (Dualchas na Cloinne)

Original graphic novel

Ionnsaigh by John Ferguson (Diamond Steel Comics)          

Original Gaelic/Scots superhero graphic novel

An Smutag Ghaisgeil by Leslie MacKenzie, illustrated by Shona Shirley Macdonald (Dualchas na Cloinne)

Original graphic novel

Ceitidh sa Chidsin by Stephanie Dagg (Leabhraichean Beaga)

Family themes,  lighthearted / funny

Oidhche mhath, Sam by Amy Hest (Steòrnabhagh, Acair,, 2011)

Bedtime story, suitable for younger readers

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