Advent Calendar

We’ve planned an advent calendar full of fun reading and writing activities to take you through every school day for the rest of the term. Print off a colourable poster and wrapping paper below, and get stuck into some festive gifting, reading and writing!

You can also take part in our festive author events if you've signed up for the Challenge.

  • 1 December: Choose a book from your school library that you think one of your classmates would enjoy, then wrap it up and gift it to them!
  • 2 December: Wrap up warm and read outside!
  • 3 December: Make a festive bookmark
  • 6 December: Read your books around your school’s Christmas tree
  • 7 December: Write a letter to somebody you haven’t seen recently and tell them about the book you’re reading
  • 8 December: Watch one of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge Christmas events!
  • 9 December: Talk to a classmate about what you’re reading and find out what sort of books they like
  • 10 December: Write a wintery or festive story!
  • 13 December: Listen to your teacher read a favourite festive story
  • 14 December: Think about what you would take with you if you were going to a snowy log cabin for a week, and draw those items
  • 15 December: Find a crackling log fire video to put on the big screen while you read
  • 16 December: Write a book review for the book you are reading and share it with your classmates
  • 17 December: Read your books aloud to each other in pairs or small groups
  • 20 December: Make a thank you card for the classmate who chose a book for you
  • 21 December: Write an acrostic poem using a festive word
  • 22 December: Talk about what you would give as a Christmas present to one of the characters in the book you're reading. You could draw your present idea too!
  • 23 December: Read a book with Christmas music on!


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